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PAS Technology

Who we are

    PAS (Production Automation Solutions) is focused on the quality assurance process for complex parts, one of the most costly steps in the manufacturing supply chain, We are a group of manufacturing experts, with aggregated over a hundred years of experience in mechanical CAD/CAM, PLM and LEAN MANUFACTURING. PAS executive team is the founders of Cimatron (NASDAQ CIMT) established in 1981 and SMART TEAM (DASSAULT SYSTEMES) established in 1995. Throughout our careers, we have been focusing on automating manufacturing process where bottlenecks can be removed, quality increased, and costs reduced.

What we do

    The increasing complexity of today‘s products generates a growing demand for tight manufacturing procedures and improved quality. Computerized inspection is becoming an integral part of the manufacturing process, as companies are required to perform inspections at various stages throughout the production cycle.
    The increased utilization of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) is creating common manufacturing bottlenecks as the process is highly dependent on expert users with programming capabilities. Automation of the CMM programming process will relieve these production bottlenecks, reduce the dependency on programmers, and increase the utilization of inspection equipment.
    Based on automatic feature recognition and advanced analysis tools, PAS CMM is a complete automation solution for the creation of inspection programs in the metal-working industry.

How can we help

    PAS CMM can be used efficiently by non-expert users to create an extensive and complete inspection process, improve quality, and significantly reduce programming time.
With PAS CMM the entire process of creating an inspection program can be completed in minutes. It can be simulated and verified in a virtual machine environment and transferred to the inspection machine in a standard CMM format.
    PAS CMM requires minimal training and offers rapid return on your investment.

888-727-1266 (888-PAS-1CMM)
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