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PAS CMM Q4 2010 Version Release

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Date: Wednesday, December 01, 2010

PAS TECHNOLOGY released latest version of the world’s most advanced CAD-CMM programming software

NEW JERSEY Dec 1, 2010 PAS TECHNOLOGY today released PAS CMM Version: 1109.4.42, the latest world’s most advanced CAD-CMM programming software.

New version release includes dozens of new features that will be available to PAS CMM users this at the December of 2010. New PAS CMM features include: Define and Import Inspection Points, and new capability to define or import inspection points based on model X/Y/Z coordinates; Section View, a new option to cerate section view that lets you easily dimension section curves and their intersection points.

Many new Constriction capabilities like Nominal Projection, Point Offset and Point Shift. 3D True Position, a new way to define and set True Position dimensions.

Duplicate Dimensions allows you to find and automatically dimension similar features. This option alone can significantly cut programming time thanks to PAS CMM smart Duplicate finder algorithm. New version also features hundreds of minor enhancements and corrections.



The Q4 2010 PAS CMM software update is available immediately for PAS CMM customers via Customers will be receiving individual download invitations by email along with Software Release Notes PDF document.

About PAS Technology

PAS (Production Automation Solutions) is focused on the quality assurance process of complex parts, one of the most costly steps in the manufacturing value chain. Based on advanced feature recognition and patent-pending algorithms, PAS CMM automates the creation of CMM programs from any CAD file, delivering proven time and cost savings of up to 95%. The PAS CMM solution is used by leading manufacturers worldwide, including Applied Engineering, Caterpillar, Cygnus Aero, IPEX industries, IMP Aerospace, John Deere, Kos Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Magellan Aerospace, Primus international, Raytheon, Rafael Systems, Weber Industries, and many more. For more information, visit

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