PAS Technology has implemented QIF standard

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Date: Thursday, April 12, 2012

PAS Technology participates in development of QIF metrology standard

PAS Technology is fully compliant with newly released Quality Information Framework (QIF) specification.

The Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) has released for testing and public comment the Quality Measurement Results (QMResults) schema.  It is the first of a set of planned schemas integrated into a single framework of XML schemas called the Quality Information Framework (QIF).  The overall purpose of QIF is to facilitate exchange of manufacturing measurement information between computer-aided quality processes through the use of standard, non-proprietary formats.  The QMResults schema is sufficiently robust to handle complex data from coordinate measuring machines as well as simple data from calipers, micrometers, and visual observations.

The DMSC invites the public to download and perform tests on the QMResults schema and its supporting QIF Library files.  To download these files, at no cost, go to  A simple account setup is all that is required. The current schema version is tagged as V0.91, since it has not yet been fully documented or tested in pilot projects, even though it is the product of months of development by industry domain experts and information modeling experts. 


QMResults provides a standard information model encompassing the entire realm of quality measurement, including features, characteristics (tolerances), and other quality related information.  The QMResults schema defines the structure of XML files able to transport all quality related data associated with the inspection results according to the ASME Y14.5 1994 and 2009 standards. A QMResults file can then be read by consuming applications performing manufacturing production process evaluation, statistical process control, or first article inspection.


The next steps for the DMSC in the coming year will be to fully document the QMResults schema, incorporate comments from public testing, and expand usage documentation and formal specifications.  The next QIF schema planned for release is Quality Measurement Plans (QMPlans), which will define all information required to generate part measurement programs on any quality measurement device.


Other resources:

DMSC’s website –

QIF activity model that describes data flow and scope: –


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