BAZ Airborne Components & Assemblies

Industry: Aerospace

Location: Bar Lev, Israel

Web Site:

At A Glance

Baz is a leading manufacturer of components and sub assemblies of airborne structures in Israel.

Founded in 1977 by Jacob Helfman, owner and president, a Mechanical Engineer graduated of the Technion (Israeli Institute of Technologies) in 1969.

Located in Bar Lev Industrial Park - Galilee. Employs 170 professional engineers, technicians and skilled workers. The company has a turn-key production capability. Manufacture of high quality metal components by machining & sheet metal fabrication. Performance of sub-assemblies & assemblies of airborne structures. All departments computers and machines are connected together by a local network. The Company is certified for production by major aircraft manufacturers in Israel and abroad.

888-727-1266 (888-PAS-1CMM)
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