D-M Precision Products

Industry: Aerospace, Defense, Medical

Location: Dunnville, Ontario Canada

Web Site: http://www.dmprecision.ca/

At A Glance

D-M Precision is in the business of precision machining all types of exotic materials. Being a modern C.N.C machine shop allows them to specialize and master the machining process of tight tolerances, small components and complex configurations.

In business since 1960, D-M Precision has proven itself time and time again as one of the leaders in custom machining. During the past 45 years they have established a successful reputation for machined parts in the Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Microwave Communication industries.

Having a CMM allows us to have high accuracy in the inspection process and difficult measuring to be exact every time. First piece inspections as well as final inspections are all documented along with material certifications. We take great pride with our level of accuracy and reliability.

888-727-1266 (888-PAS-1CMM)
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