Israel Aerospace Industries

Industry: Aerospace

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Web Site:

At A Glance

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is globally recognized as a leader in the development of both military and commercial aerospace technology. This distinction is the result of nearly a half-century of designing, engineering and manufacturing for the Israel Ministry of Defense and customers throughout the world.

To evolve from a relatively small operation to become an industry leader, a company must be both versatile and highly motivated, innovative and competitive. IAI was established with these qualities, and continues to build upon them with its years of ongoing acquired experience.

In the currently prevailing business environment, IAI brings to bear one of its main strengths, namely diversification in the company's lines of business. The importance of business segments such as Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) and Homeland Security (HLS) has grown considerably worldwide and consequently IAI is investing more resources and efforts to leverage its solutions in these areas. Special emphasis is placed on integrating IAI’s Group and Divisional activities so as to provide our customers with wide-ranging and integrated solutions.

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