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Industry: Aerospace

Location: Columbus, Georgia, USA

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PCI is a recognized world leader in manufacturing, design, and engineering technologies. PCI manufactures high-quality jet engine compressor blades and vanes made from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel-base super alloys. Independent in-house forging, machining, engineering, CAD/CAM, die-making, and metallurgical capabilities provide flexibility and swift response in meeting rapidly changing market requirements.


PCI forges and machines blades/parts for the top three aerospace jet engine manufacturers in the world as well as the majority of all aerospace engine manufacturers. PCI prides itself with a talented and experienced team of engineers and technicians coupled with state of the art facilities, machinery, and technology utilizing lean Six Sigma techniques.


PCI coupled with our orthopaedic industry partners have developed a variety of implants and trauma plates utilizing our near net shape forging capability. Joints for hips and plates for legs and arms are a few of the offerings from our creative engineering group and highly motivated workforce. That workforce, which averages over 15 years in precision metalworking experience, is trained in statistical analysis and lean manufacturing in order to meet the aggressive customer demands.

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