Sharon Industries

Industry: High Precision Manufacturing

Location: Industrial area Ness Ziona, Israel

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"PAS CMM is a solution we started to use more than a year ago and since than we eliminated our bottlenecks in the CMM department. PAS CMM generates for us CMM inspection programs much earlier before the part is ready"

-Ronen Sharon; CEO, Sharon Industries

At A Glance

Sharon Industries has over 30 year's experience in the manufacturing of mechanical assemblies, parts and components used in the aeronautical and electro-optical industries. They specializes in producing very complex, highly accurate products, which require a combination of sophisticated manufacturing methods with ingenuity. They services also include the ability to support and perform high precision 3D measurements of surfaces, curves and Reverse Engineering processes.

Utilizing PAS CMM
  • The product is being used routinely for creating CMM (coordinate measuring machine) programs for parts.
  • We are using the product for creating measuring processes to measure the mechanical manufactured parts.
  • The users can be anyone who haves a little knowledge in mechanical design and quality control.
  • Before using the product, CMM programs were made virtually manual and programming time was up to eight times longer.
  • The productivity of the measuring machine increased. The setup time for starting new processes of measuring over the machine is almost zero.
  • By increasing the productivity of the quality control department we can enlarge the manufacturing plant with the same inspection equipment and personnel.
  • We can use the product for running different CMM machines with different software because of the use of the DMIS (Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard) language.
  • PAS CMM helps us to expedite delivery time, dramatically reduce inspection costs, increased capacity with same resources
Example - One of our customers, the Israeli Aerospace Industry, ordered from us parts looks like aluminum filters, small round disks with over 1000 holes 1.1 mm diameter. The requirement was 100% check for holes existent. By using a special feature of PAS CMM product we had the ability to measure entities with one touching point for each entity and took us minutes to get the CMM program.
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