Weber Manufacturing Technologies

Industry: Manufacturing, Automotive

Location: Headquartered in Midland, ON, Canada

Web Site:

At A Glance

Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc. is a fully integrated mold manufacturer in Automotive Interiors & Exteriors, Aerospace, and Home & Building products. Founded in 1962, Weber builds tooling for Spray, Slush, Compression, Injection, RTM, Infusion and Autoclave processes. Their in house model shop develops Master Models made from leather wrap or select wood grains, and can also provide low cost models in silicone, epoxy and urethane tooling board.

Weber also operates the world´s largest Nickel Vapour Deposition facility. This facility is capable of producing nickel shapes in 99.98% pure nickel; to high precision, for molds or complex nickel components, including fine surface detail, grains, and textures. Tools made using NVD nickel shells offer many flexible design options and critical advantages not available with any other tool-making technology. For more than forty years, Weber has been manufacturing quality molds and related tooling for the plastics industry. Their reputation as a highly competent and reliable toolmaker is well known among Molders and Tier 1 companies throughout North America and Europe.


888-727-1266 (888-PAS-1CMM)
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