PAS TECHNOLOGY is world leading CAD|CMM software solution. CAD\CMM is a new term coined by PAS TECHNOLOGY, stands for Computer Aided Design & Computer Measuring Machine.

Partnership with PAS TECHNOLOGY allows you to provide your current and potential customers with most advanced CAD|CMM solution available today. Our unique solution exists in an undeveloped market niche which practically has no competition.

Whether you are a CAD\CAM reseller, CMM dealer or software solution provider PAS\CMM has the right business model for you.

If you are interested to learn more about our partner programs please contact us using the form below.

How to Become PAS TECHNOLOGY Partner

PAS Technology is always looking to add valuable partners to our team - partners who have industry and technical expertise, a strong focus on customer service, and a sound business model. Join the team that will help you develop new opportunities, enter growing markets, and increase margins.

Contacting PAS Technology

Our service fulfills the demands of all our professional customers. We will quickly address any of your questions, concerns or requests.

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Note: This section is intended for general inquiries only. If you need technical support please go to our Support Center page.

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