PAS CMM Life Cycle Management Suite

The PAS Technology Inspection Lifecycle Management (ILM) Suite consists of three modules:

  • PAS CMM Engineering™
  • PAS CMM Inspection™
  • PAS CMM Viewer™

PAS CMM Inspection Lifecycle Management Suite™

The PAS TECHNOLOGY Inspection Lifecycle Management (ILM) Suite automates the entire inspection process, eliminates the need for data translation throughout the inspection process, creating seamless integration between design, manufacturing, and inspection.

Using the PAS ILM Suite, users can generate inspection plans directly on-model and output inspection results to FAI-compliant or other forms. Providing users with visual inspection results, the software enables interactive analysis at every step of the inspection process.


PAS CMM Engineering™

PAS CMM Engineering provides engineers with additional capabilities to automatically transform a part CAD model into inspection instructions that can be output directly to the inspection report form (FAI or any other custom form).


PAS CMM Inspection™

PAS CMM Inspection is the most advanced module, providing the complete capabilities of the ILM Suite, enabling end-to-end CMM programming and inspection automation for any CMM machine.


PAS CMM Viewer™

PAS CMM Viewer is the base module, allowing users throughout the supply chain to view, collaborate, analyze, simulate and comment on inspection results.

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Ballooning Automation on Drawing, PDF and PAS CMM format + +
Dimensions Validation + +
Engineering Revision's Control + +
Model & Drawing converted to "PAS CMM Inspector" + +
Inspection Instruction Planner Creation + +
Inspected Model Feature Recognition Automation +
Collision Elimination Automation +
Inspection Programming for any CMM Environment +
Automatic CMM Alignment +
"On Machine" Inspection Simulation + + +
Get Inspection Results on Report and on Model + + +
Analyze, Simulate, Comment, Collaborate with inspection results + + +
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