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PAS CMM Viewer

  • View all inspected model in PAS CMM including CATIA, SoldiWorke and others
  • Beofore inspection:
    • Extract& simulate inspection model on your virtual CMM machine
    • View inspection planner and add your comments as needed.
  • After Inspection:
    • Get inspection results directly to your pre defined report form and your inspected model.
  • View analyze, simulate  inspection process and add your comments directly on  the inspected model.
  • Collaborate with your team , customer and anyone in the supple chain.

PAS CMM Viewer™

ILM Suite For Engineers

PAS CMM VIEWER Enables Authorized Users to Review Inspection Plan and Inspection Results 

PAS CMM Viewer enables authorized users to view the inspection CAD model at any stage of the process and analyze detailed inspection results, inspection program code, and other related information. Users can also simulate inspections and run “what-if” scenarios.

VIEWER Facilitates Cross-Department Collaboration and Conveys Inspection Results to End-Customer

In addition, PAS CMM Viewer features “on-model communication,” allowing users to add comments directly on the inspected model to streamline collaboration with team members, customers, and throughout the supply chain.

PAS CMM Engineering™

ILM Suite For Engineers

PAS CMM ENGINEERING Generates a Complete Inspection Plan and Inspection Instructions Automatically, in just few mouse clicks

PAS CMM Engineering™ is an automated inspection model preparation package. The software streamlines the inspection process by promoting standardization and data integrity. It eliminates manual inspection interpretation and helps cut inspection programming time by up to 95%. With only few mouse clicks, users can generate complete inspection instructions and balloon drawings directly on the inspected model.

PAS CMM ENGINEERING Allows You to, Automatically, Incorporate All Inspection Characteristics in One 3D Model File, Saving up to 95% of Inspection Preparation and Programming Time

CAD CMM Engineering ensures that trusted inspection results are reported directly to predefined forms (including FAI forms), eliminating the time spent on correlating results with an unfamiliar inspection report. Once the model preparation is finalized, the software automatically encapsulates all CAD and drawing data with CMM inspection analysis and inspection instructions for the next step in the process, the actual inspection.

PAS CMM Inspection™

ILM Suite For Engineers

PAS CMM INSPECTION Automatically Creates CMM Program from 3D Model Utilizing Inspection Plan & Instructions

PAS CMM Inspection is an automated inspection programming solution. Analyzing the inspected CAD model with the associated annotations, parameters, and GD&T, PAS CMM Inspection automatically generates inspection programs for any CMM machine, eliminating the labor-intensive task of manually creating CMM program. It enables CMM experts to focus on their core inspection skills that require high level of engineering capabilities with extensive geometrical and inspection regulation knowledge.

PAS CMM INSPECTION Generates CMM Program for Any DMIS-Compatible CMM Machine

PAS CMM inspection allows CMM experts to generate any type of report form, including FAI standard forms, and read directly from the CMM machine inspection results to the pre-defined form. PAS CMM inspection helps inspection departments become more productive, cut costs, eliminate inspection bottlenecks, and expedite delivery times.

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Ballooning Automation on Drawing, PDF and PAS CMM format + +
Dimensions Validation + +
Engineering Revision's Control + +
Model & Drawing converted to "PAS CMM Inspector" + +
Inspection Instruction Planner Creation + +
Inspected Model Feature Recognition Automation +
Collision Elimination Automation +
Inspection Programming for any CMM Environment +
Automatic CMM Alignment +
"On Machine" Inspection Simulation + + +
Get Inspection Results on Report and on Model + + +
Analyze, Simulate, Comment, Collaborate with inspection results + + +
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